Team Assistance

Robot in 3 Days

Come together with teams from across WA to build your robot with expert advice from experienced teams and mentors.

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Scrimmages/Open Workshops

Teams will be able to use the WARP practice field, obtain assistance from experienced mentors in mechanical, programming and driving. Come finish building your robot, or battle it out against robots that have already competed across the globe to improve your robot driving.

Scrimmages will be hosted on the following dates: 
18th May 2024 - Saturday
30th June 2024 - Sunday
28th July 2024 - Sunday
10th August 2024 - Saturday

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The robot officially released by FIRST for the 2024 Crescendo season, with full instructions, CAD, construction videos and code available. This robot is an amazing starting point for any team in WA! It's simple yet extremely competitive design allows teams to learn loads whilst still ensuring they arrive at competition with a fully functioning robot.

Kitbot Resources

We have also put together a spreadsheet featuring local WA suppliers (including a few discount codes from our incredible sponsors!) 

WA Parts

Expert Help Booking

Easily seek help from the most experienced people in WA!

With nearly a century of combined FRC experience we have the perfect person to help with your design worry / electrical fault / code issue / media problem. Our team is more than happy to come help any FRC team in need, simply request a session on our booking page letting us know what kind of assistance you require.  

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Start a team

Starting and running an FRC team is incredibly rewarding.

What you need to start a team: 
- $6000k+ worth of robot parts
- A space to work in (a woodworking classroom, a garage)
- Basic tools
- An enthusiastic adult

There are no registration or competition fees.

To run FRC in a school setting it can either be run as part of an engineering class (it fits very well into both the general and ATAR engineering requirements for a project). Or it can be run as a club/extra-curricular, students should spend about 3 hours a week for 3 months as a minimum to learn the most, and get the most out of the program.